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Suboxone Clinic Specialist

Nexus of Hope Psychiatry & Mental Health Wellness

Psychiatric Clinic & Addiction Medicine located in Lakeville, MN

Over 2 million Americans live with an opioid use disorder, and around 130 die from an opioid overdose every day. At Nexus of Hope Psychiatry & Mental Health Wellness in Lakeville, Minnesota, Adejoke Adedeji, APRN, offers a Suboxone® clinic to help you recover from an opioid addiction. If you’re abusing opioids or living with addiction, call Nexus of Hope or schedule a consultation online today to get the help you need.

Suboxone Q & A

What is a Suboxone clinic?

Suboxone is a medication that’s used to treat opioid addiction. It includes buprenorphine and naloxone, which work together to reduce your cravings and reverse the effects of opioid drugs, preventing withdrawal symptoms. Nexus of Hope Psychiatry & Mental Health Wellness incorporates Suboxone treatment into personalized treatment plans for addiction. 

How does Suboxone treat addiction?

Nexus of Hope combines Suboxone with therapy and other complementary treatments to help you in your recovery. Suboxone helps control your cravings for opioids and reduces your withdrawal symptoms. It should help you achieve the mental clarity needed to explore and resolve the underlying issues that contribute to your addiction in therapy. 

You may also find that Suboxone can help you make the necessary lifestyle changes to stay away from opioids. 

What should I expect while using Suboxone?

There are several stages of Suboxone treatment. When you start treatment, you need to be in withdrawal. You follow your provider’s instructions on taking Suboxone. For example, you may need to allow the drug to dissolve under your tongue. Then you wait for a few hours, and if you’re still feeling withdrawal symptoms, you take your second dose. 

You need to be in withdrawal when you start Suboxone treatment because the medication is much stronger than other opioids and can stop the lingering effects of painkillers or heroin on your brain’s receptor sites. 

You will have at least two appointments at Nexus of Hope during your first week of Suboxone treatment. In the following weeks, you continue to take Suboxone as directed and have regular appointments at Nexus of Hope. You have therapy, and some patients find it helpful to attend support groups. During therapy, you explore and resolve the underlying issues that contribute to your addiction and practice strategies to avoid future drug use.

Eventually, you and your provider begin to reduce your Suboxone prescription with an end goal of eliminating Suboxone from your treatment. You continue to have therapy during the weaning process and may continue to do so after you are completely drug- and medication-free. 

If you’re living with opioid addiction and are ready to change your life, call Nexus of Hope Psychiatry & Mental Health Wellness or make an appointment online today to start your journey toward sobriety.